KGHM CUPRUM Ltd Research and Development Centre & Copper Museum in Legnica presented the VirtualMine educational tools at the Strzegom Granite Festival on June 14-16, 2019 in Strzegom, Poland.

The area around Strzegom is famous for its rich deposits of granite and basalt, materials used in construction, gravestones and sculpture. Strzegom Land Days have been organized in Strzegom since the post-war years. In 2011, two cultural events were combined, i.e. the Strzegom Land Days and the Stone Festival, taking the common name: Strzegom Granite Festival.

In 2019, as part of the VirtualMine Project promotion, the festival program has been joined by: mineral rinsing, workshops on construction of mining machines using Roboblocks, lectures on 'What is my house standing on? Geological location of Strzegom' and ‘Geological location of Lower Silesia', as well as the Multimedia Game ‘Life without raw materials’. The event was a great opportunity to carry out further educational activities on geology and mining, it also confirmed that the results of the VirtualMine Project, with a focus on copper, can also apply to other raw materials and activities within Wider Society Learning.