Copper Program. A history of the extraordinary metal

The educational program “Copper. A history of the extraordinary metal” was developed as a basic educational tool about mining and the use of copper as one of the raw materials that were the basis for the development of our civilization, technology and culture. The program was created by Copper Museum in Legnica and KGHM CUPRUM Ltd. Research and Development Centre in Wroclaw, Poland.

The main goal of the program is to increase the awareness among local community about the importance of raw materials and its possible use, to popularize mining among the general public, especially children and students, to show the importance of the minerals in our contemporary world, as well as to create conditions to convey knowledge on raw material in modern and the most effective way.

The aim of the educational program is also to introduce children and youth to the issues related to the use of copper by humans, to present its characteristic features, the production technology and fields in which the metal is irreplaceable.

Within each of the sections, the most significant issues connected with copper are presented, concerning its properties and extremely rich history of its use by humans. Additionally, it has been illustrated by iconography and photographs of findings from the collection of the Copper Museum in Legnica. Each section is supported by didactic materials for the use of teachers and other educators conducting lessons about copper. The elaborated program definitely allows diversifying different classes concerning copper and its importance in the contemporary world.

The Copper Program is available in 8 different languages: English, Polish, German, Spanish, Greek, Slovenian, Slovak, Ukrainian

We invite you to download the program “Copper. A history of the extraordinary metal” here: