The exhibition was opened at Strojnica Gallery at Govce, Slovenia, till June 10, 2018.

At the Strojnica Gallery at Govce, in the newly decorated gallery of contemporary art Strojnica - Liša jašek, there is an exhibition called Odstiranje, which is the work of the pH 15 group (Maruša Kranjc, Katja Grčman, Ana Jazbec, Nika Batista and Vasja Brilj) under the mentorship of Prof. Marija Jenko from the Faculty of Natural Science and Engineering whereas the scientific part of the project was contributed by Tomaž Majcen (Laško Museum) and Mateja Golež, MSc (Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute - ZAG).

With an artistic metaphor, visitors are invited to walk between the exhibits and touch the moments caught in ice-cold, petrified clothes and archetypal mining tools, hanging under the vault of this remarkable shade of industrial architectural heritage.

Milojka Drobne - SENCE

Sculpture Exhibition at the Strojnica Gallery at Govce, Slovenia.

The exhibition was opened till June 10, 2018.