Game “Life without raw materials”

What must be done to find different raw materials and to create items which are used in our everyday life

During playing the game two visitors have to cooperate to help the boy find proper deposits and produce semi-finished products to make the selected device at the final stage.

The following objects/devices have been selected for reproduction: house, media, computer, smartphone and car. For each mission - the reproduction of each device, the player must provide four most important raw materials for their production.

Two levels of difficulty of the game were prepared for two age groups.

Game screenplay (scenario):

The game takes places in pairs which enforces cooperation between players. Each pair has to create one element or device or group of elements.

The game begins with an introductory story, e.g. a child (about 10 years old) falling asleep at home and waking up the next day in the world without everyday life devices. His task is to reconstruct (recreate) them from available raw materials.

To build each object or device, the child has to use the raw materials that will have to be found, exploited, extracted and processed. It is assumed that the player has to obtain four key raw materials for the construction (creation) of each object/device.

The first couple starts from building the house, the second is to provide the electricity, water, light, the next have to create the car, phone and computer.

The participants determine between themselves what kind of raw material they are looking for. They cannot look for the same raw material and they must cooperate with each other.

Each of the players in the pair have to go through the following path (after selecting the object for creation):

On the screen it will appear the hints to make the choice easier.

When players obtain the proper raw material, the object/device that contains it will gradually appear/display on the screen (e.g. the lamp will light up).

At the end of the game, the certificate of its completion will appear.