VirtualMine - as a modeling tool for Wider Society Learning

The main goal is to increase the awareness among local community about the importance of raw materials and its possible use for better development of the European regions. Furthermore, the project is to popularize mining among the general public, especially children and students who start to develop their path career, as well as to show the importance of the minerals in our modern world. The main stress should be put on creating conditions to convey knowledge on raw material as key to the development of the circular knowledge-based economy in the most effective way. Specific objectives are: showing attractiveness and diversity of mining through the use of customized, innovative teaching methods, strengthening the key competencies in children and students, such as practical use of obtained knowledge in the field of mining, creativity and entrepreneurship, as the skills necessary in further professional life and showing to the project participants the usefulness of education in sciences and their use in today’s labor market in the context of planning an attractive career, breaking stereotypes about mining, generally applicable in the society, including use of raw materials. Showing social utility and application of mining in everyday life as the model of sustainable development, establishing cooperation between scientific and informal educational public entities to improve the attractiveness of vocational education in the faculties.

The solution

The project combines the development of educational models with the knowledge-based economy of RM. Planned activities under the project will contribute to the rise of the creativity level and practical application of scientific and technical knowledge. The project will show that specialization in raw materials industrial applications can be “trendy” and, choosing the experimental science as a field of study gives a chance for an attractive career, not only in scientific units but in enterprises operating on the basis of intelligent specializations. The VirtualMine educational program is developing the methods to encourage young people to choose a career in mining faculties. Implementation of the project will strengthen the further development of increasing the involvement of informal education in attitudes.